Carpet Cleaning

CARPET CLEANING – Cleaner, Fresher, Drier

The ORBOT SprayBorg low-moisture system has been engineered to clean any type of carpet, in any situation and also leave it as dry as possible so it is ready to use immediately.

Have you ever walked into an airport, hotel hallway or room and smelled a dingy humid scent because the carpet had been recently cleaned and over-wet? Did you see a number of fans blowing on the floor? Was the carpet truly clean or was it still gray and dull in appearance? Are these signs of a healthy, clean, and safe environment?

The ORBOT system was designed in mind to support a healthy indoor environment. Carpets will simply be clean, vibrant in color and dry within minutes. The system will eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to mold growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds (VOC), insufficient drying times, recurring stains and safety hazards.

ORBOT’s unique low-moisture system uses 10 times less the amount of water opposed to other water extraction methods. Therefore, over-wet carpets will never be an issue. The problems associated with over-wet carpets are intensified in a heavily used setting. Over-wet carpets require longer drying times. This can cause large sections of a building to be blocked off for extended periods of time. Especially in a school, hospital or commercial building this can lead to serious safety issues. People walking from a wet or damp carpet directly onto a hard-surface floor can slip or fall. Also, wet carpets that are walked on will almost always re-soil more quickly. This is because the chemicals and moisture act as a magnet, pulling dirt and debris into the carpet fibers.

Of much greater concern, the long drying time increases the likelihood that mold and mildew will develop, seriously jeopardizing indoor air quality and potentially harming occupant health. With longer drying times, and if traditional carpet cleaning chemicals are used, there is a greater possibility that gases and volatile organic compounds will be released into the air. This can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, especially for young children.

Simply put, what falls to the floor like common dust, pollutants and many things that we breathe, tends to stay on the floor until it is cleaned. Properly maintaining the cleanliness of the floors by using the ORBOT low-moisture system will lead to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment that can be seen, smelt and felt to believe.