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Matting Solutions

Over 30 years ago, 3M scientists developed a product which would help effectively protect building entrances from dirt. The first Nomad™ matting product with its revolutionary vinyl “coiled loops” was developed to help remove moisture as well as dirt and debris. Incorporating carpet fiber technology, 3M expanded its entrance matting offering. Today, thanks to continuous innovation and proven expertise, 3M offers a complete line of entrance matting as well as Safety-Walk™ branded wet area and anti-fatigue work area matting.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

To help meet the important challenges faced, 3M develops innovative cleaning, and floor protection products that deliver measurable commercial benefits and sustainability advantages.3M is committed to developing cleaning equipment and supplies that help lower your total maintenance costs. For example, floor care is not measured merely by the expense of cleaning and polishing floor pads, it also includes the cost and difficulty of effort, a measure of floor performance over time and the durability of products used.

Our wide range of cleaning equipment and supplies are designed to:

  • Safely clean and protect your building, especially in visible high traffic areas
  • Deliver quality results
  • Provide superior cleaning performance
  • Be truly cost effective, by lowering your total costs

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