40 Years Of Experience At Your Service

A wide range of janitorial products for all Industrial, Housekeeping and cleaning needs, made in Italy. Contrary to ABS Plastic Products, that becomes brittle over a Period of time, FILMOP brand products are Poly-propylene, which is flexible to absorb shock and brunt. FILMOP brand products are second generation products, that is, they are made from recycled material which comes with ECO LABEL Certificate also. Also, Filmop is a Green certified company.

A Successful Range Of Products

During the last 30 years Filmop has played a main role in the process of change that has affected professional cleaning. In particular it has been the first Italian manufacturing company having a special attention to:

  • The importance of metal-replacing materials, such as polypropylene, very strong, light and completely recyclable.
  • The necessity to separate clean water from rinsing water, a fundamental issue for a professional cleaning.
  • Ergonomic cleaning systems in order to make easier and improve the working conditions of the operators in the cleaning field.