Orbot Slim


The ORBOT SLIM has been designed for the consumer market specifically for SMALL SPACES with the same orbital technology and robust features of our other industrial products. Saving you time, money and labor by utilizing one machine that cleans ALL floors. The ORBOT SLIM has a thin light weight structure but is strong and capable of the powerful agitation that delivers superior results in all professional deep cleaning. Also, a great advantage with this product is you can add on features creating your custom model in case your desires are to have a streamlined product that can also handle an industrial job.

  • FREE-FLOATING 11″ BASE — Provides 100% contact on floors.
  • TRANSPORT WHEELS – 4″ Diameter (10.16 cm). Chemical- resistant & non-marking.
  • DC MOTOR – 36V/330W – DC, 3000 RPM, 59dB with protective cover Related Links
  • QUICK-CHANGE SOLUTION TANK — Holds 3/4 gallon (2.84 L) capacity saving time & labor.
  • LEVER-FREE ON/OFF SWITCH -— Continuous hands-free power.
  • LED LIGHTS – Illuminates dark areas.
  • WHEEL KIT – Improves Stone Restoration maneuverability, reduces operator fatigue, provides additional lift handle.
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY — 36V, 6Ah, Runs up to 45 minutes, Battery Management System (BMS), Hybrid compatible. Fits into battery tray.
  • HYBRID POWER CORD CONVERTER — Easily switch between AC or Lithium-ion power supply. NOTE: Plug issued specifically to location requirements. (sold separately)

Additional Specifications

WEIGHT: 28 Ibs (12.7 kg) + 6 Ibs (2.7 kg) with tank & battery)

DUAL RPM SPEED: Orbital 3000 RPM + Rotational 120 RPM
CHARGE TIME: 90 minutes