up to 2475 m²/h

This patented scrubber drier from HEFTER clean tech essentially reduces cleaning-time. Previously inaccessible areas which had to be hand cleaned, e.g. corners and niches, can now benefit from the superior results of a machine. The scrubbing and suction head rotational 360° of the TURNADO® 55 PRO gives a uniform result over the entire cleaning area. Even backwards, the scrubbing and suction head always turns in work-direction itself.

Working width brushes/pads 550 mm
Working width vacuum bar 680 mm
Turnable scrubbing and suction head TURNADO® 360° endless
Width of passage 670 mm
Housing width 408 mm
Housing length 710 mm
Total length 920 mm
Total height 1150 mm
Tankvolume (dirt and fresh water tank) each 45 l
Max. surface pressure 2,8 N/mm²
Max. weight (with 105 Ah gel batteries) 223 kg
Dead weight (with 105 Ah gel batteries) 178 kg
Theoretical cleaning rate (at 4,5 km/h) 2475 m²/h
Max. speed 4,5 km/h
Max. water supply approx. 3,5 l/min
Noise level 75 db
Noise level SILENT function 69 db
Pressure brush 2,2 N/cm²
Pressure pad 0,5 N/cm²
Brush motor 2 x 190 W
Vacuum motor 500 W
Drive motor 110 W
Voltage 24 V
Capacity (maintenance free gel batteries) 105 Ah
Working hour per Battery (depending on floor and dirt) up to 21/2 h
  • Reduction of hand cleaning of difficult areas thanks to the scrubbing and suction head rotational 400°
  • Corners and niches, such as shelves, in halls and passage ways can bei easily cleaned.
  • Cleaning under superstructures like counters, shelves or work benches.
  • Long operational time between fill ups thanks to large volume tanks
  • Easy handling


  • Aluminium tank
  • Control tower ergonomically designed, adjustable height and angle
  • Endless turnable scrubbing and suction head