Hepa Filter Included

BlockDuster 77 is the ideal vacuum cleaner to connect to medium sized grinders. It is Ideal for all works in which big quantity of fine dust have to be vacuumed. Thanks to patented Self Cleaning System it can work continuously without having to stop to dismantle and clean the filters.

Main features:

  • SC “(Self Cleaning Filter”).
  • Longopac system.
  • Three powerful independent and detachable motors which can be used as small powerful vacuum cleaners. One of them can be used as a little air blower (optional).
  • Secondary filter to protect the motor in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.
  • Available with cartridge filters (standard) or polyester filter.
  • Anti tipping frame.
  • Big wheels for easy transport.

* In the “N-series” models the Self-Cleaning System is activated exchanging the positions of the suction pipe.
* In the “V-series” models Self-Cleaning System is activated simply by pressing a lever