Ideal for accurate grinding and polishing, flush with the wall and in the corners.

Grinds, polishes, washes, restores and sands.

Environmentally friendly: reduce the consumption of water and chemicals.

BK Quadra, powerful single-brush floor care machine with 20“/510mm rectangular plate, is perfect for working on any surface, both with and without water. Thanks to the complete range of tools, BK Quadra is a machine suitable for many applications:

  • It can be used to restore and thoroughly clean resin, PVC, linoleum and rubber floors, without the need to use chemicals, thus protecting the environment and the health of users.
  • Grinds and sands various surfaces such as wood, marble, concrete, reconstructed stone and stone.
  • Polishes like a traditional single-brush floor care machine but with the advantage of being able to reach into corners.
  • Thanks to the rectangular plate, it is ideal for working under radiators or to reach tight spaces.
  • Thanks to the very low level of noise, it is also recommended for sensitive environments such as hospitals, hotels, etc…
  • Ensures water-free and completely dust-free operation, thanks to the powerful dedicated extraction kit (optional).